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Security4Transit (S4T) manufacturers and supplies tamper-evident and locking products that secure goods, valuables, cash and documents in transit and storage.

  Bagmasters Australia is Asia–Pacific’s leading
security and general bag company, designing
and manufacturing a range of cash & coin bags,
courier satchels and mail bags, and a wide
variety of commercial and industrial bags.
From Phantom of the Opera
to the local school theatre,
TSA has been supplying the
entertainment industry for
over 20 years.
Sewlex is an Australian-based, light industrial manufacturer with
export markets around the world. The company comprises four
businesses with manufacturing facilities in the Asia-Pacific region.
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61 3 9564 3500

Stabilising weights for signs,
barriers, umbrellas, anything!
GAWC is the largest supplier
of flexible weights to a range
of industries in Australia.

Defender Equipment Padding is a manufacturer of high quality padding for sporting venues and public spaces where impact protection is required. Applications include schools sporting clubs, gymnasiums, kindergartens, go-cart and BMX tracks, carparks, swimming pools, ski resorts and many others.

  TEBCO is the world’s leading developer
of security chambers for the global bag
industry. Its tamper-evident products
are sought after in the security,
transport and travel markets.
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